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⚠️Did you know that $LUPI is burning tokens from all kind of transactions that include transfer function? 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

And the only deflationary Crypto project that has this kind of unique burning mechanism..

Make a transfer to burn $LUPI! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

💰 Lupirium..... your next 100x gem!🚀

LUPI LOTTO Flip coin


LUPI staking

Lupirium (LUPI) The Wild Meme Coin with Craxy and Unique Burning Mechanism🔥🔥


  • LUPI is for everyone!
  • LUPI is a Meme Coin!
  • A deflationary Meme coin.
  • Contract is Renounced.
  • LP is burned forever
  • 1% Tax for every transaction


  • Launch on BSC
  • Immutable Contract
  • No trust issue
  • Transparent

Team Details

  • Team is anonymous
  • Don't need to trust the team!
  • LUPI's code will never lie!


  • LUPI is not an Investment!
  • LUPI is designed solely for entertainment!
  • LUPI has its usecase or utility with in the LUPIRIUM echosystem!
  • LUPI is transparent
  • LUPI is deflationary!

The name "Lupirium" was created by blending the majestic qualities of wolves ("lupus") with the allure of precious metals like platinum ("irium").

This unique combination embodies strength, rarity, and a captivating animalistic charm.

LUPI, with its inherent transparency and decentralized nature, transcends the confines of taxes and unnecessary complications.

Just like wolves in the wild, it patiently awaits individuals who are drawn to its untamed essence, offering a seamless and unburdened journey.


$LUPI: The untamed meme coin, like a wild wolf in the forest. No owner,with 1% tax and deflationary. Contract renounced and LP tokens burned for transparency and security. Embrace the wild side of crypto with $LUPI!

Burned LP Tokens

1% Tax for every transaction

This 1% tax is divided into 2 addresses:0.5% will be sent to the Developement address and the remaining 0.5% will be sent to the burn address making $LUPI to be deflationary.

This tax will be use for the development of $LUPI and Marketing purposes.

Contract Address:



Token Allocation

⚠️Note! Team has no control of the 47% locked tokens on staking pools! All Staking smart contracts are renounced! and the only way to get the locked $LUPI is by simply staking $LUPI tokens.

Latest News
About LUPI

LUPI is a Decentralized Wolf Coin

LUPI was created with a sole purpose - to bring fun and excitement to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Unlike other meme coins, LUPI has no specific owner. It belongs to a vibrant community, much like a pack of wolves in the untamed forest, where nobody lays claim to their wild spirit.

In its essence, LUPI is a decentralized and immutable meme coin, built on the principles of blockchain technology.

It embraces the spirit of independence and resilience, just like a wolf patiently waiting for its time to shine.

In the vast landscape of the cryptocurrency market, there is an abundance of dog coins, cat coins, and even frog coins.

However, LUPI stands apart, representing the untamed strength and majesty of the wolf.

It aspires to claim its rightful place, waiting for the day when it achieves widespread adoption and recognition.

Just as a wolf rises to its throne as the apex predator, LUPI aims to captivate the hearts and minds of crypto enthusiasts, creating a lasting impact within the crypto ecosystem.

With its dedicated community, LUPI is poised to revolutionize the meme coin space, proving that wolves can indeed reign supreme.

About Team

Lupirium is a community-driven and decentralized token, operated by an anonymous team.

We believe that the true power lies in the collective efforts of our community, making the identity of the creators irrelevant.

To ensure transparency and trust, the contract has been renounced, and the LP Tokens will be burned forever.

While our team remains dedicated to managing and supporting LUPI, our ultimate goal is to achieve remarkable success through widespread adoption and make our dream a reality.

In the world of crypto,You don't have to trust developers and creators instead trust yourself and embrace decentralization and transparency. LUPI values individual decision-making and the core principles of the industry.

Our Roadmap

Phase 1

Launch LUPI Token (✔️)

Airdrop $LUPI (✔️)

Presale $LUPI ( Ongoing )

Community Building

Provide Liquidity on Pancakeswap

Provide Liquidity on Uniswap

Phase 2


CMC listing

CG listing

10,000 Followers on Twitter

10,000 Members on Telegram

Phase 3

Collaboration and Partnership

LUPI Staking (✔️)

Flip LUPI Game

LUPI Lotto Game

CEX Listings

Phase 4


What is LUPI and what does it represent?
LUPI is a community token and it represents the wild wolves in the forest and is a short name for Lupirium, a new meme coin with crazy burning mechanism aiming for mass adoption and recognition.
What is the Official Contract address of LUPI?
Use only no other than this contract the official contract address of LUPI 0x8b392b9EA3F89FfDC955451ae201625b21B48f3F
Is the Contract of LUPI Renounced?
Yes! the smart contract of LUPI has been Renounced and you can verify this on BSCSCAN.
Can LUPI be used for any specific purposes or utilities?
Yes, $LUPI token will be use inside the LUPIRIUM echosystem such as Staking and Mini games that we will be building along the way.
How does LUPI differentiate itself from other meme coins?
LUPI differentiates itself from other meme coins by being a purely wild meme coin deployed on the blockchain, With a unique deflationary mechanism that burns 0.5% of the token from all kind of transaction.
What is the significance of the wolf and platinum combination in LUPI's concept?
The wolf and platinum combination in LUPI's concept symbolizes the untamed nature and rarity of the coin, reflecting the wild and valuable characteristics that it aims to embody.
Who created LUPI?
LUPI was created by a blockchain enthusiast individual.Building a name in the hard way..:)


Cryptocurrency may be unregulated in your jurisdiction.

The value of cryptocurrencies may go down as well as up.

Profits may be subject to capital gains or other taxes applicable in your jurisdiction.

Automated Smart Contract Audit

⚠️DISCLAIMER: Lupirium (LUPI) is not a financial institution nor investment.Lupirium is a decentralized token owned by the community and run by the community.. With a sole purposed of entertainment only. Investing in crypto is very highrisk which can lead to losses. invest at your own risk!

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